Friday, January 22, 2010

Tips for Getting Screen Time Under Control

Here are a few practical tips to think about if you want your families screen time under control.

1. Have a cell phone garage you can decorate with your family and decide when do the phones need to park in the garage. If your kids are young, you can be a great role model and park the phone during dinner and family time.
If your kids are cell phone age the phone can park at designated times in the day. Decide as a family, so everyone is invested in this way of life.

2. Create some hard a fast rules that you mostly stick with such as no phones, TVs, i-pods, computers at dinner.

3. The most powerful rule with children and teens is no television Monday-Thursday(there can be some exceptions for a special show).

4. Have your children get in the habit of asking before playing a computer game, X-Box, Wii, DS etc... and they must get permission before turning on the TV. If you can kick the habit of sit on couch and push button you can literally reprogram your family.

More ideas soon.

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