Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello World! Tiny Treks is Blogging!

Pam and I decided to begin this blog in order to spread the word that you can raise aware and open children, give them lots of opportunities to learn and explore-even during the recession and on a budget!

When our own children were young-we lived near each other and were lucky enough to share the skills we were learning about parenting and fun ideas of how to keep our children occupied and excited about learning while keeping the tv off (for the most part!)

In 1998, Pam began Tiny Treks in Menlo Park California. My daughter and I were fortunate to be part of her “grand experiment” in outdoor education for preschoolers; a previously unexplored genre to my knowledge. Well-it has been a grand success! Tiny Treks is flourishing in the Bay Area in California, has spread with Pam’s family to the Chicago area and with me to the Northwest.

As a Tiny Treks teacher, it is an exciting time to be opening the hearts and minds of young ones and their parents and guardians to the world outside. We know that our world is changing-we read about environmental disasters every day. Glaciers melting, forests burning... and if you are like me you wonder "what can a person like me do to help?"

An an educator, (I received my teaching credential from the University of Washington at Bothell this past June) I believe that teaching our newest generation the love of nature and the outdoors is the first and one of the most crucial steps to keeping our planet vibrant and alive.

Bring your child to Tiny Treks and together we can search for bugs under rocks and birds rapping on trees. Let's make sure that this next generation has some of the memories we have of running through the woods, squishing toes in the sand and making mud pies.

Our lives are so clean and our child's lives so organized. But nature brings out creativity and exuberance we can perhaps get no where else. Nature is unpredictable. Nature is a force to be reckoned with. Let's enjoy and appreciate it!

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