Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kindness brings light.
What does hatred bring?

My first 3-Day breast cancer walk was in 2002 in California.  It was a moving, inspirational and powerful experience for me.  One of the momentums I kept from that walk was a simple grey t-shirt with three words on the front that moved me to tears. 
Be Both
Three simple words.  What happened to “kind” on Monday at the Boston Marathon?  What brings people to a place where hatred is foremost in every action.  Where a young father can say goodbye to his own 3 year old child and walk out the door to kill another child, to destroy families?  When did religion and politics become a place where being right is more important than human beings,  how can evil win over humanity?

History shows it has always been this way, how can we change it?  How can we respect other view points? How can we take the time to learn about other beliefs?
Martin Luther King Junior tried through peaceful marches and peaceful actions.  In a famous speech he said, ““Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

Where was the love on Monday?

As I wrote this final sentence ready to send, it occurred to me that there was and has been an incredible amount of love on Monday and every moment since.  Every human who witnessed the horrors and helped immediately without question.  Every person in their home glued to the Television asking what can I do?  How can I make sure to raise my children with kindness, acceptance and love?  There was a lot of love on Monday, I only wish these two young men felt loved enough to not let hate overtake them.

Pamela Worth inspired by photography from 16 year old Talia Worth

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